Our Moto


We provide quality education that helps to foster intellectual, social, emotional and moral values in the students.


Keeping in view of all section of the society, we have kept our fee structure at moderate level. So that each and every child can get good quality education.


We respect all community, caste and section of the society and provide quality education devoid of discrimination.

Why Feynman ?

Feynman school is not just a place where students are taught to be living for their livelihood. It is a place that incorporates values, ethics and morality, so that the students should not only understand the values of education but also, they should strongly promote it in their society. Feynman school is built on the pillars of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Social Justice that it can internalize some of the most valuable culture and learning among the students. We also provide best mentorship from our professionals (Professor, civil servant, Scientist, engineer, etc). who have the expertise and experience, so that our students can be flourished to the various renowned fields and help them motivating themselves to fulfil their future aspirations. We are also committed to overall development of each and every student. We are providing a healthy teaching-learning environment in which every student may get a friendly learning chance without any hesitation or fear. Time to time, various activities are organized to purge the personal personality of each student.


Inculcate right values in the students for their Holistic development and to equip them to meet challenges of the future effectively.

Co-curricular Activities

                               Co-curricular activities are a part of development that enable students to understand their implicit abilities.